i got so much weed underneath my macbook keyboard that i’m afraid to take it out of holland

A silver tongue for the chosen one
heavy magnum in your side
or a bloody thorn

Skating bullets on angel dust,
in the dead sea of fluid mercury
baby piano cries
under your heavy
index and thumb, pull some strings,
let them sing…

italo-disco and dance punk are the best music genres to listen to when stoned

(via sodomies)

people at cocoricò club in riccione, italy, 1993.


interviewer: what do you guys do for fun here?
girl: it’s very nice to be here…
interviewer: why? nice music, cute boys…?
girl: cute boys, cute butts, everything!


interviewer: can you tell us something about you? what does fun mean to you?
drag queen: sorry no italiano! …helloooo…and, um… how are youuu? I WANNA SUCK SOME ITALIAN DICK *mimicks blowjob* whoooo! ayayayayayayayayay! *attempts to suck microphone*


guy with white contacts: […] i think i’m around 450 years old… my name is Vlad Dracool and… my title is Nosferatu, Prince of the Night.
interviewer: have you been sucking a lot of blood on this saturday night?
vlad dracool: i’ve been sucking.
interviewer: and that’s it?
vlad dracool: and that’s it.


interviewer: where are you from?
girl: me? I’m from Mars.
interviewer: and do you always come here to dance?
girl: no, i’m on a mission, i’m not dancing.

full video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RK_YLvjOpM